About us

Turning big ideas into great packaging

We are responsible for our environment. Non bio-degradable packaging products are a major source of pollution. This where we, Neo Honeymould Packwel play our part by providing affordable, viable, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

We manufacture a wide array of products including paper honeycomb products, corrugation products, paper pulp moulded products, parallel paper tubes and corrugation machines.

We have put in place excellent quality control procedures at every step of our manufacturing process. Our inspection procedures are tailored to improve the key performance characteristics of each manufactured product. Our production line is equipped to ensure traceability of the product right from the stage of raw materials to finished products. Quality is our virtue.

We fulfil our customers’ need of not only competitively priced products but also quality products and excellent services. We provide customised one stop packaging solutions to our customers

Be the Pollution Solution

Paper is a raw material of enormous value both economically and from ecological point of view.  Paper is the most recycled material on Earth. We replace a lot of toxic, non-bio-degradable and non-environment friendly substances like EPS, thermocol, Styrofoam etc.  They lie in our landfills for years together.  Our paper products on the other hand are 100% eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Paper is totally recyclable.  The recycling of paper is the process by which waste paper is turned into new paper products. This ensures that your customer, irrespective of their location, can reduce their waste management problems arising from packaging materials.

Come join us at Neo Honeymould Packwel and take a step towards sustainable packaging solutions.

Wooden boxes/crates

12-15 yrs to decompose

PP sheet

Never decomposes

Wooden pallets

12-15 yrs to decompose


Never decomposes

Thermocol (EPS)-

Never decomposes

Plastic Bubble wrap

Never  decomposes